Postal stamps, passports, vouchers, diplomas, school reports, indexes, licences, certificates, holograms, ID cards, tickets and other securities

Products requiring the application of the maximum number of protection components 

  • watermarked security paper with an exclusive shade watermark in the shape of a horseman with visible fibres and UV sensitive fibres and chemical protection against fabrication or alteration
  • positive and negative guilloches of a frame
  • micro letters and micro pictograms
  • iridescent colour transition
  • relief/embossed ground tint
  • protective link ground tint
  • special letter raster/halftone screen
  • register mark
  • ink invisible and visible in infrared light
  • ink optically invisible with UV light fluorescence
  • ink sensitive to solvents
  • penetration ink – numbering by indirect letterpress printing
  • optically variable ink – screen printing
  • embossing
  • safety hologram
  • colour sensitive to heat
  • ink reacting to metal
  • iridescent optically variable ink – screen printing

The most
important products

  • ID cards for the Slovak Republic in 1998 - 2006

  • passports for the Slovak Republic in 1997 - 2003

  • vehicle registration certificates

  • inspection stamps for consumer packaging of liquor and tobacco products

  • duty stamps

  • investment certificates

  • highway vignettes

  • visas

  • shares

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