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Requirements for printing data

PDF file in PDF 1.3 version (Acrobat 4 compatibility).

In general, we recommend the production of Postscript is recommended; then, create a PDF file using Acrobat Distiller. Moreover, the application export can be used, but the correct output setting must be checked.

All printing elements in a PDF file must have data in CMYK, in grey scale or colour separation or defined by direct Pantone colours. No elements may be defined in RGB or LAB space and must not contain ICC profiles (ICC profiles are ignored in RIP processing). In case of using an ICC profile and then RIP undesirable colour changes in a document may occur.

Pantone colours must be clearly and uniformly defined in a document. If possible, the identification using an industrially accepted system of direct colours, such as PANTONE colours, is preferred. No diacritic marks may be used for a different identification. Direct colours must have a correctly defined overprint.

The total sum of tonal values in (Total Ink Limit) should not exceed 300%.

A text printed in black must consist of several scale colours, but only as 100% black (K). After creating a print PDF file it is necessary to check the overprint function which ensures that there is no „separated“ space in the background under the text.

Bar codes, QR codes, etc., must be created and defined as 100% black (K).

All fonts must be embedded in a document.

Each page must contain bleed if a drawing interfering with the trim is included in the graphic. The bleed must be at least 3 mm. The indentation of trimming marks must be at least 6 pixels.

In the production of a print PDF in InDesign, bleed must be at least 3 mm and must not include a colour scale.

Pages must be centred, legible, positive, individually set to portrait, not in the format of spreads and in a descending order. Files must be named congruently with page numbers in the document /001_016.pdf/.

The resolution of images should be 300 dpi. Line blocks, texts, marks, logos, drawn graphic should be defined by vectors with 1200 dpi.

For V2 binding, a graphic indentation (3-5 mm) on the back cover must be taken into account not to interfere with the trimmer and to use glue. This also applies to the first and last page of the book block.

Based on a request of a customer we create a mailbox on our FTP server and assign login data. You will send printing documents to this mailbox.


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