KASICO is able to process printed materials from graphic design through the draft for protective components, provision of material, and printing up to adjustment and dispatch to the final customer.

For graphic design processing, the company has an in-house reprographic studio including graphic designers specialised in the processing of securities and protected products as well as commercial printed products. The studio has the best Mac OS-based hardware available.

The printing area has cutting-edge offset printing presses with special accessories for the production of multiple protection elements, such as dry and wet offset printing, iris, indirect typography, lacquering, punching, OCR-B numbering, etc.

For finishing purposes, the company has available laminating machines, electronically programmed trimmers with high trimming accuracy, electronic counters for the exact output inspection of dispatched product pieces, stripping machines, and foil packing machines to protect the dispatched products against any potential damage.

KASICO, as one of a few printing companies in Slovakia, can customise documents and printed materials.

Owing to the type of produced documents, the KASICO printing company has developed an extensive safety and security system consisting of the physical building and individual workplaces (security service, direct link to the police central station, closed circuit television system, electronic access control) as well as the protection of the materials used throughout the production process (exact records of all the materials from the input inspection through individual technological operations up to the final stocktaking and shredding of reprints, and mackle prints).